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Keeper – Kim Chance (Book thoughts in 300 words and 3 gifs)

Two and a half ‘Holy Crapkittens’ stars 🐼🐼🐼

I want to preface this by saying I love Kim Chance’s Youtube channel and I hoped I would love her book just as much. And while her positive, strong personality shone through her writing, I was far from her target audience (youngest teen readers) and couldn’t enjoy myself reading Keeper as much as I wanted to.

‘Keeper’ is Kim Chance’s debut contemporary fantasy novel and features a world of hidden magic and magical people layered on top of ours.

The plot was simple but effectively utilising a number of Young Adult tropes. At times the stakes were not always clear but in contrast the pages were full of nice banter and heart-warming moments between the characters.

I did not enjoy Lainey too much as a protagonist but I could see where all her anxiety was coming from. Younger readers would definitely relate to her struggles and enjoy the jokes and drama sprinkled along the way. There were a few moments where the story dragged and I struggled to keep reading. Nevertheless, it got better with every page read! I liked the ending despite the obvious openness left for book two.

I liked the parallel story lines of Lainey and Josephine and enjoyed seeing someone interact with their ancestor – it’s a fresh take on the Chosen One story. Magic is also described beautifully and I loved that it was green instead of the usual purple, blue or white.

The book has the classic main character/boyfriend-to-be/comic relief best friend trio and it works. Their interactions were cute and awkward at times, mimicking the deep water of teenage communication perfectly.

The writing style is good. It’s simple and easy to read. There were some repetitions at times and overall the language felt simplified for a younger reader but it definitely served a purpose and did it well.

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