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Legendary – Stephanie Garber (Book thoughts in 300 words and 3 gifs)

Four ‘Fate’ stars 🐼🐼🐼🐼

‘Legendary’ is Stephanie Garber’s second novel of the ‘Caraval’ series. It features a fantastical world of roses, top hats, tears and that one shifting dress which is dangerous as much as it is beautiful.

I loved the setting. It’s a dark romantic world full of uncertainty for both the main characters and the reader. I loved how the story picked up right after Caraval and once it gripped me, it didn’t let go.

The world itself expanded significantly, focusing on where magic came from and how the main characters are connected to it. I love tarot cards so the idea of the Fates is very appealing to me.

The plot was well-structured and I enjoyed the nice bite-sized chunks the novel was split into, similar to book 1. Action was sprinkled throughout, providing a very fast read. The second Caraval is as captivating and nerve-wracking as the first one and I was not disappointed.

I absolutely loved Tella as a POV character. She is smart, brave and a perfect example of a female character with agency. She can look after herself but is not without her weak moments which makes her both admirable and likeable.

Characters with dubious morals like the Prince of Hearts are a guilty pleasure of mine and I revelled at how well he was written. Dante was easy to like too, providing a nice contrast from the Prince. Both love interests moved the plot and interacted with Tella in an entertaining way. It was all connected beautifully.  

The writing style is good. It’s simple and easy to read. Names are repeated quite often instead of using he/she which was a bit jarring for me. At times there is purple prose which in some cases annoyed me, in other made me re-read a sentence to appreciate its beautiful curls. You can’t make readers happy!

The Panda Meter

World 🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼

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