My work


I am what I call a chameleon writer. I adapt my writing style easily after researching the audience and pinpointing the true purpose of the piece. This was what I was thaught in Journalism school and I believe it is always the right approach.

Below are a few examples of my work. For more please get in touch directly.

Blog pieces

I offer professional writing for business blogs. I have access to the latest academic publications on any given topic – the article for you won’t be regurgitated content found on Google, it will be a unique piece featuring cutting-edge research.

How to deal with workplace bullying. A long-form, well-researched SEO piece with a compelling case study.

How to help leavers handle the handover process. Professionally written insight into the leaver process and a guide on how to help them handover successfully.

Create a good working environment in a multicultural office. A well-organised piece featuring a list of useful suggestions, supported by research.

How to build a great employee performance review. A step-by-step guide of professional practices based on new studies in the field.

I also have experience with lighter style blog pieces. I am confident in using different types of formatting to help readers engage with the content more.

10 great LGBT films. I use a web tool to create a good-looking, easy to follow list.

The link between attraction and star signs. I created illustrations to break text for better readability.

Current Issues

If you would like copy written about news in your industry or just within your company or business circles, look no further.

Here are some excellent examples of my newswriting.

Case Studies

I am really good at interviwing people. An interviewee once said they felt like they were talking to a close friend because our conversation flowed and didn’t feel like a checklist of questions. If you need to put someone’s feedback into copy, I am the right person for you.

Two people share the intimate story of their relationship. Case study written from two perspectives to enhance the understanding of the reader.

Women share their experience of sexual harrassment. Two case studies prefaced by a ‘what if’ scenario I used to draw readers in.

Social media copy

You think social media is easy? Maybe. But good copy is important to make an impact. You want your followers to stop scrolling and click on your post. I have been working professionally in social media for more than three years, communicating ideas to different target audiences.

At the moment, I curate the Twitter feed for the internationally renowned Political Studies journal. I convert difficult to understand technical ideas to simpler tweets and reach a wide audience of researchers around the globe.


Ghostwriting is a big part of my writing experience. I believe people can have great imagination but poor writing skills. This should not stop them from turning their idea into an amazing story. As I must protect the identity of my previous clients, I am unable to share examples of my ghostwriting. Instead, find a fiction story below showcasing my writing voice in prose.

Fractured Time. An interview with a serial killer haunts a journalist as she struggles to decide whether to share his chilling story or not.

If I have convinced you, hop to the Hire me page.