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Why you will love what I write for you

pexels-photo-261734I have been writing in some way or another since I learned to write.I was seven then and without fully realising it, I fell in love with the power of the written word. It is beautiful because it leaves a mark – on the page, and if used correctly, in people’s minds and hearts.

I believe anything can be written in an interesting, engaging way. There is no topic too dull or too difficult – it is all about finding the right words to express your idea and reach your target audience. I can do this for you and it is precisely why you should hire me.

And not only that – I will make the piece friendly for the medium you use. Calls to action, SEO, formatting – it will all work, because it would have been specifically designed for you.

If you haven’t looked through my portfolio yet, go do it now. Alternatively, you can always email me directly at polinaganeva@gmail.com for more samples of my work.

Why you will love working with me

pexels-photo-415068My work ethic is simple but effective. Produce good copy and be professional. I take every request seriously, research the topic and industry well, put all that knowledge into tidy sentences and send that story your way so it can make a difference for you.

I am easy to get along with and I deliver projects on time. I am always ready to make reasonable changes to the piece at any time if you feel there is a better way to approach things. This flexibility puts my clients at ease as they know their voice won’t be lost in my words.

Get in touch to have a feel of what I am like. I am sure we will get along. 😊

You are convinced? Awesome. So, what’s next?

Just get in touch, tell me a bit more about what you need. Let me know if you have any strict deadlines.

My rates are very reasonable. Working with me will not break the bank and will give you that advantage of perfectly written copy, targetted at your audience.

I will consider any request from a tiny tweet to a novel and everything in between so don’t hesitate. Fill in the contact form below and I will respond within two working days.

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