Welcome to Entencia, the World of Intent.


Estrea is the one city in Entencia famous for its innovative use of Intent – the ability to use pure intentions to create raw elemental power. But under its fake suns, Elders are being murdered, preventing them from passing valuable knowledge to their students. Foreigners are marginalised despite the King’s best efforts and tensions between Intent users and Intentless people run high. Stray animals and pets disappear mysteriously.

In the middle of all this is Elisabeth Mae, a Caelian girl.

Who is she? No one knows.

Remembering nothing but the last three years, she trains under the Elder of the Arts. That is, until she discoveres his dead body. After this and a disturbing dream too vivid to ignore, she sets out to find the killer.

Together with her cat, her best friend Rea and a young detective fallen out of grace with his team, Elisabeth follows a dangerous path to face an old evil – a legendary being determined to reset the world.

The closer she gets, the more her previous self unravels before her. Tormented with questions, she has to face her own darkness before she and her allies can save the subjects of a Kingdom not their own.

Who was she?

Who will she be when she finds out?


Currently in its second draft, the first book of the World of Intent series is the newest exciting venture of my mind and soul. If you love reading, especially YA fantasy, please get in touch – I would love to expand my pool of beta readers and hear your feedback.

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