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The Wicked King – Holly Black (Book thoughts in 300 words and 3 gifs)

Four ‘Wicked’ stars 🐼🐼🐼 🐼

‘The Wicked King’ is the second novel of Holly’s Black’s ‘The Folk in the Air’ series about a world hidden from humans – a world of fairies and magic which is dangerous as much as it is beautiful.

I was interested to read more about the fairy world and liked the additional guest appearance of the underwater world – but my concern is still that nothing is explained in too much detail, making how the kingdoms work a mystery to me. Which is annoying at times when the main plot revolves around political intrigue.

The plot of this book is better than the first but I was still reading primarily because of the Jude/Cardan interactions. I couldn’t bring myself to care at all about Balekin or Madoc’s concerns over who and how would rule and Jude’s grasp on it made me feel like I was reliving every Monday morning at work (I know I have to do something but not sure what, because Friday was ages ago and I feel like an impostor because of it but I fake it till I make it as I have to).

The characters in this novel are becoming more and more and there are still just a few of them which appear to hold any real personality. Cardan is love. I could easily tell he was Ms Black’s favourite – and probably the one who first appeared in her head before she started writing. His character development is miles away from everyone else’s.

Main Jude pales in comparison. Vivi, Taryn, Locke and basically everyone else are still there, still boring. I guess it’s really realistic in a way. Not everyone has interesting roles in this life.

The writing style is consistently good as in the first book. It’s clean and easy to read. The dialogue is getting better, particularly where Jude and Cardan are concerned. The chemistry between them is written really well and I commend Ms Black on that – especially after what I consider to be a shakier start in the first book.

I can’t wait for November and ‘Queen of Nothing’ because this ending was both heart-breaking and so awesome!

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