The Olden Reaper

Welcome to Entencia, the World of Intent.

In a world graced with the powers of Intent, the Kingdom of Pluvia starts losing its Elders. The innate elemental power, defined by the strength of one’s genuine intentions, is not enough to save Pluvia’s most knowledgeable from the vicious killer roaming the streets of the capital.  

This is where Yin Solus lives. A foreigner with no memories from before the last three years, her only comfort is training under the Elder of Arts. Her peaceful life falls apart when she returns home one evening to find her foster parents butchered and the house on fire.

Together with her cat, her best friend and a young detective fallen out of grace with his team, Yin follows a dangerous path to face a legendary being determined to reset the world.

The closer she gets, the more her previous self unravels before her. Tormented with questions, she has to face her own darkness before she and her allies can save the subjects of a Kingdom not their own.

No one knows who she was. Only she knows who she will become.

Currently in its fourth draft, this book is the newest exciting venture of my mind and soul. If you love reading, especially YA fantasy, please get in touch – I would love to expand my pool of beta readers and hear your feedback.

You will earn karma points!

A map of the world of Entencia

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